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Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition tutorial on the BEAT platform

The Idiap research institute is organizing a tutorial on the BEAT platform during the Eleventh IEEE International Conference on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition that will be held in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

(FG 2015 )

BEAT: An online web-platform for reproducible research

This tutorial will present the BEAT platform for online reproducible research, introducing concepts and providing an initial hands-on experience. The BEAT platform allows novice and advanced researchers to: (1) benchmark systems and components; (2) run comparative evaluations; (3) attest (certify) toolchains; (4) provide educational material for new-comers in pattern recognition and (5) optimize algorithms and systems.  All these tasks can be accomplished without installing additional software on the users computer, running exclusively from the web browser. The BEAT platform naturally enforces important research aspects such as reproducibility and component re-use.

• Introduction, motivation, requirements and design of the BEAT platform
• Exploring existing components at the BEAT platform
• Registered user interaction; Adding new components to the BEAT platform
• The future of the BEAT platform

Required prior knowledge:
The target participants for this tutorial include both beginners and advanced researchers of any computer vision field with an interest towards reproducibility, experiment longevity and software re-use. We'll examplify our system and propose a simple tutorial using face recognition - interest on this area can be a plus. Other workflows and algorithms will be shown for different tasks in image processing.

More information online here: