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Work Packages

We have identified 9 work packages (WP1 to WP9) covering all the important activities. We provide below a graphical presentation of the components showing their inter-dependencies.



Figure: graphical presentation of the work-packages showing their inter-dependencies

  • WP1 (Management) has a straightforward relationship with the others WPs as WP1 is responsible for the overall management of the project
  • WP2 (Specification and Design) has links with WP3, WP4, WP5 and WP7 as the specifications and the design will have strong implications on the overall research, development and evaluation during the project as well as on the integration. WP2 will also indirectly provide input for standards (WP6) but also dissemination and exploitation (WP8);
  • WP3 (Evaluation of Biometric Performance) will provide base components for WP4 (Evaluation of Vulnerabilities), WP5 (Evaluation of Privacy Preservation), WP7 (Integration and Deployment) and will also contribute to WP6 (Standards and Certification). The outcome of this WP will also be disseminated in WP8;
  • WP4 (Evaluation of Vulnerabilities) will directly contribute to WP6 (Standards and Certification) and WP7 (Integration and Deployment), and its outcome disseminated in WP8;
  • WP5 (Evaluation of Privacy Preservation) will directly contribute to WP6 (Standards and Certification) and WP7 (Integration and Deployment), and its outcome disseminated in WP8;
  • WP6 (Standards and Certification) will develop standards on the evaluation of vulnerabilities and therefore needs input from WP4 (Evaluation of Vulnerabilities) but also from WP7 (Integration and Deployment). Indeed as one of the objective of the BEAT project is to provide independent evaluations for assessing the biometrics performances, the Common Criteria evaluations will certainly use these features;
  • WP7 (Integration and Deployment) is responsible for the integration of the BEAT platform and needs inputs from WP2 and all technical work-packages (WP3, WP4 and WP5). As a particularity this WP re-iterates to WP2 to report back and revise the design;
  • WP8 (Dissemination and Exploitation) is responsible for the dissemination and exploitation activities during the project;
  • WP9 (Legal Aspects of Privacy and Intellectual Property) provides legal guidelines to the project. It will impact all WPs.


Work package leaders

Work package leaders and deliverable responsible for each partner have been assigned. WP leaders are:

  • WP1: IDIAP, Sébastien Marcel
  • WP2: IDIAP, Sébastien Marcel
  • WP3: UAM, Julian Fierrez
  • WP4: TUVIT, Nils Tekampe
  • WP5: TUBITAK, Cagatay Karabat
  • WP6: CEA, Alain Merle
  • WP7: IDIAP, Sébastien Marcel
  • WP8: MORPHO, Hervé Chabanne
  • WP9: KULeuven, Els Kindt